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… alpS will become a leading research institution for climate change adaptation in mountain regions
… alpS will spearhead innovative adaptation technologies and strategies to create economic opportunities
… alpS will create and strengthen adaptation capacities, reduce vulnerabilities, inspire social change and sustainable lifestyles
… alpS will inform and help implement climate change adaptation policy in mountain regions

These four mission statements express the scientific, economic, and societal goals of alpS. alpS aspires to scientific excellence in climate change adaptation in mountain regions. With this focus, alpS assumes a unique position in the constantly expanding landscape of climate change-related research organizations. Climate change adaptation knowledge is growing fast, and research dedicated to further expanding this knowledge is crucial. alpS and its partners respond to this challenge.

As bleak as some scenarios of the future may seem, there are two sides to every coin, and climate change is no exception in this regard. The alpS philosophy seeks not only to minimize the negative aspects of climate change, but also to take advantage of opportunities for innovation and development. With this open minded view of risks, alpS has an optimistic outlook for the future in all its business areas – energy, risk, and climate change adaptation.

Climate change is especially challenging for the social political spheres. Particularly in sensitive mountain regions, human-environment systems will be fundamentally affected, and sometimes people will be forced to radically adapt to a new reality. Capacities must be built, vulnerabilities reduced, and sustainable development fostered. It is the goal of alpS to support this process of change by generating the necessary knowledge and making it accessible to society. This includes households, organizations, companies, and the political arena in equal measures. Therefore, alpS follows one vision in its day-to-day business, all its operations, and its strategic planning and communications:

Inspire and Drive Sustainability in Mountain Regions