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Topics such as climate change adaptation, energy development planning and risk management form the core of the services provided by alpS Consulting. Many years of competence building through projects and consulting services on the national and international market have made the employees of alpS Consulting a reliable and first-class partner for companies, authorities and institutions.

Assessing climate change impacts as well as developing and implementing appropriate adaptation measures in a sustainable fashion are the competences of the team around Dr. Daniela Hohenwallner-Ries. Authorities, such as state governments and municipalities in Austria, rely on this expertise facing these future challenges.

Regarding energy development planning, Dr. Paul Stampfl is the expert for authorities and companies. Supported by digital systems, Dr. Stampfl and his team tackle future-oriented questions, as well as everyday challenges faced by municipalities in their energy management.

As experts for risk management and risk analysis (especially flood and water provision), Mag. Stefan Ortner and Dr. Matthias Huttenlau and their teams support their clients such as governments and businesses. Carrying out specific analyses for current problems, but also for future challenges such as climate change, alpS Consulting can rely on competences that are both scientifically and practically founded. Years of experience in the integration of risk management systems for government agencies and critical infrastructures helps to understand complex questions and to offer suitable solutions.

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