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AdaptAF II

Project Information

AdaptAF II (Rust Resist) - Establishment of rust resistant Norway spruce trees and analysis of resistance mechanisms

To counter increasing difficulties in forest regeneration at high elevation sites due to repeated rust infections, the project aims for the establishment of resistant Norway spruce and the development of resistance markers. Naturally occurring resistant trees in Tyrol were identified and vegetatively reproduced. Successfully rooted cuttings are tested with controlled infections.

To analyse the resistance mechanisms, a UHPLC-MS-method was developed to identify and quantify phenolic compounds in spruce needles. The technique was used to analyse all clones as well as variations during needle development. Additionally, genetic analyses (SNP array) were conducted.

A strong influence of weather parameters on the spread of the pathogen and a limitation of the infection period to three weeks after needle flush were found and published.

Project Team

Project Team AdaptAF II

Mag. Andrea Ganthaler (Botany, Ecophysiology, Projekt Management)


Partners AdaptAF II

Scientific Partners

University of Innsbruck
Institute of Botany
Contact: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Mayr


Company Partners

Landesforstgärten Tirol
Conact: Christian Annewanter

Waldpflegeverein Tirol
Contact: Christian Schwaninger