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Project Information

AgriFIT - Agriculture in a Changing World

The challenge of creating energy efficient and low-polluting agricultural processes will be further complicated by the consequences of climate change. How strongly these changes will affect the plant-producing qualities of soil depends on parameters such as soil type, relative density, water to name only a few. These parameters are measured using sensor systems, which could be integrated into dynamic agricultural control systems. Dynamic developments in sensors, control technology and telecommunications enable future technological advances in the area of precision farming.

In its first phase, this project conducts a preliminary analysis of climate change in Austria and its effects on agriculture. This analysis provides the basis for collecting information on locally adapted crop production systems at the regional level, as well as innovative agricultural technologies in general.

The central focus lies in the economization of emissions. In this project we want to intend the energy-intensive procedure of soil cultivation. In field trials processing strategies should be developed with the help of nondestructive geophysical prospection technology. The collected sensor data will be refined with the help of mathematical models. So the measures could be set pricise and the potential savings could be used.

Project Team

Project Team AgriFIT

Marcus Eichinger (Agricultural Process Engineering, Agricultural Sciences)

Daniel Szügyi (Automation Engineering, Robotics) 


Partners AgriFIT

Scientific Partners

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Institute of Agricultural Engineering
Contact: DI Dr. Norbert Barta, DI Dr. Alexander Bauer (Projekt Management), Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Andreas Gronauer


Company Partners

Geoprospectors GmbH
Contact: Michael Pregesbauer (DI), Matthias Nöster (Mag.), Immo Trinks (Dr.)

Alois Pöttinger, Maschinenfabrik Gesellschaft m.b.H. 
Contact: Lisa Wöss