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Project Information

ARISE – Adaptation and Decision Support via Risk Management Through Local Burning Embers

The overall aim of ARISE is to develop a decision support system for climate-sensitive iterative risk management as a key adaptation approach. The project will contribute to identifying and bridging the gaps between global frameworks, research and policy related to climate change and disaster risk reduction and national, subnational as well as local risk management and adaptation needs and requirements by coupling and integrating information across scales. Another main part of the project is to downscale the “Burning Embers - Reasons for Concern” from the IPCC to the local level (LBE) with respect to hazard types and sectors including a consideration of key risk drivers.
ARISE will contribute to building resilience at the local level and in the City of Lienz in particular. Sce-nario-based, pro-active risk reduction with the help of LBEs will enable local decision-makers to enhance their preventive capacities and reduce expenses for response measures.


Project Team

Project Team ARISE

Mag. Paul Dobesberge (Risk and Desaster Management, Climate Change Adaptation)

Brigitte Eder, M.Sc. (Risk and Desaster Management, Climate Change Adaptation)

Dr. Angela Michiko Hama (Project Management)

Markus Keuschnig, B.rer.nat M.Sc.


Partners ARISE

AGES - Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety
Contact: Dr. Andreas Baumgarten

BFW - Austrian Research Centre for Forests
Contact: DI Dr. Robert Jandl

Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics
Contact: DI Ivonne Anders

Environment Agency Austria
Contact: DI Markus Leitner

IIASA - International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Contact: Dr. Reinhard Mechler

WIFO - Austrian Institute of Economic Research
Contact: Dipl.-Vw. Dr. Ina Meyer

Z_GIS – Department of Geoinformatics
Contact: Dr. Stefan Kienberger



City of Lienz
Contact: Mag. (FH) Oskar Januschke

State of Tyrol – Civil protection Agency
Contact: Ing. Marcel Innerkofler, MBA MPA


Funding Partners

Climate and Energy Fund (ACRP – Austrian Climate Research Program)