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G03 ACoRe B

Project Information

Subproject B: Deep Geothermics

Project ACoRe B was initiated in order to determine whether and to what extent deep hydrogeothermics in Vorarlberg can contribute to raising the percentage of renewable energy sources, in light of the province’s goal of energy autonomy by 2050.This strategy for energy autonomy addresses EU emission goals as well as adaptation to expected energy market trends.

Due to necessary economic and geological preconditions, the project’s studies focused on the Rhine Valley. Based on a substantial geophysical and geological dataset, several geological cross-sections at the crustal level were constructed and cross-linked to form a 3D-model. Additionally, rock porosities were investigated, as natural aquifers with sufficient permeability are of interest for deep hydrogeothermics.

By combining the data obtained on target rock strata with geothermal gradients deduced from former deep wells and the depth estimations enabled by cross-sections and the 3D-model, we were able to identify two potential target areas in the Rhine Valley.

Project Team

Project Team "ACoRe B"

Audrey Bertrand, M.Sc.

Dr. Hannah Pomella (Project Management, University of Innsbruck)

Mag. Michael Zerlauth


Scientific Partners

University of Innsbruck
Geology and Paleontology
Contact: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Fügenschuh, Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hugo Ortner


Company Partners

Illwerke-Alternativenergie GmbH
Contact: DI Christian Eugster, DI Dr. Reinhard Mathis