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G04 SolClim

Project Information

Productivity of Solar Power Plants in Alpine Locations

Increasing the share of renewable energies (for example Solar Energy) in total energy production is a significant mitigation measure against global climate change and the increasing demand for energy. The Alps region is often associated with hydroelectric power due to its rich water supply, but the Alps’ sunny alpine landscape is also well suited to operate photovoltaic arrays.

The Project SolClim deals with the connection between the meteorological and physical conditions and the efficiency of solar power plants at two real locations, namely one at high altitude (2,067m - Gerlos Vorkogel) and one at a valley floor (roughly 700m – Absam). This connection will be closely studied to produce models that increase the accuracy of PV-System efficiency predictions, especially in the Alps region. With these models, the effect climate change has on the productivity of the systems at different altitudes and locations can be measured to recalibrate the existing efficiency models in light of the changing situation.

Project Team

Project Team "SolClim"

Andreas Luther, B.Sc.

Mag. Daniel Plörer

Mag. Markus Posch (external project staff)

Fabian Weinmann


Scientific Partners

EURAC Research
Institute of Renewable Energy
Contact: DI Wolfram Sparber

University of Innsbruck
Institute for Construction and Materials Science
Contact: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Streicher


Company Partners

Colexon Energy AG
Contact: Dr. Benjamin Schulz

Barbara Hilber
Contact: Barbara Hilber