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G08 EneRAlp C

Project Information

Subproject C - Potentials of Biogenic Residual Materials

Global climate change and the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels are changing the framework conditions for energy production. Because the economically viable and socially acceptable options for renewables in Alpine regions are limited, all existing resources and energy production technologies must be examined with regard to their sustainability.

The aim of this project is to assess available local and regional biomass potentials and to develop a new pyrolysis process to convert biogenic residues to bio-char and pyrolysis oil. These products can then be effectively used for energy recovery or to produce high-quality soil products. In addition, treatments for additional waste products that cannot be satisfactory utilized using currently existing technologies will also be investigated.

Project Team

Project Team "EneRAlp C"

DI Michael Gaggl

Mag. Maria Ortner

Dr. Paul Stampfl (project coordination)


Scientific Partners

University of Innsbruck
Institute of Infrastructure
Unit of Environmental Engineering
Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anke Bockreis, Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Müller


Company Partners

R-Power innovative Umwelttechnik GmbH
Contact: Harald Altenberger, Franz Blauensteiner