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Project Information

Remote Sensing and Biomass Potential

The project Laserwood develops methods for the generation of high resolution digital geodata of tree stands and above ground biomass potential in Austrian forests. Airborne laser scanning data in point and raster format as well as forest inventory data are used to provide information for long term strategic decision making in forestry management. High spatial resolution geodata is calculated via correlation analyses and semi-empirical algorithms implemented in an information system.

Parameters such as height of dominant trees, basal area or stem number can be provided. Such information is vital and constitutes a core requirement for biomass based future energy model regions. The project is funded by the Klima- und Energiefonds in the framework of the program NEUE-ENERGIEN 2020.

Project Team

Project Team "Laserwood"

Dipl.-Geogr. Magnus Bremer


Scientific Partners

Vienna University of Technology
Institute of Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
Contact: DI Dr. Markus Hollaus

Federal Research and Training Centre for Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscape
Department of Forest Inventory

Contact: Dr. Harald Mauser


Company Partners

Laserdata GmbH
Contact: Dipl.Geogr. Frederic Petrini-Monteferri


Other Partners

Stand Montafon Forstfonds
Contact: Bernhard Maier