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Project Information

MOREXPERT II – From climate impact monitoring to dynamic risk management

Permafrost degradation critically affects the stability of high-mountain rock slopes. In the context of climate change instability of rock faces is therefore becoming an increasingly important risk factor. MOREXPERT I has established a comprehensive monitoring site for permafrost and rockfall interaction at the Kitzsteinhorn (3.203 m), Austria.

MOREXPERT II continues and extends the systemic long-term monitoring of local surface, subsurface, and atmospheric conditions. In order to meet the requirements of a complete climate change adaptation cycle, monitoring data has to be transferred into information for different stakeholders. The overall aim is to develop a dynamic risk management system on an individual operational unit (e.g. company) that is able to manage spatio-temporally changing environmental conditions.

The project will contribute to improved risk awareness building, measure planning, infrastructure reliability, and most important: health and life protection.

Project Team


Robert Delleske, M.Sc.  

Mag. Paul Dobesberger (Natural Hazard-, Risk- and Desaster Management)

Mag. Ingo Hartmeyer (Project Management)

Clemens Hiller, B.Sc.

Markus Keuschnig, B.rer.nat M.Sc.



Scientific Partners

Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics
Contact: Mag. Bernhard Niedermoser

TUM Technische Universität München
TUM Landslides Group: Monitoring, Analysis and Early Warning of Landslides
Contact: Dr. Michael Krautblatter

University of Bonn
Department of Geography
Contact: Prof. Dr. Lothar Schrott

University of Salzburg
Department of Geography and Geology
Contact: Dr. Jan-Christoph Otto


Company Partners

Geoconsult ZT GmbH
Contact: Dr. Harald Golser

Geodata Messtechnik GmbH
Contact: DI Johann Golser

GeoFact Austria GmbH
Contact: Dr. Jan-Christoph Otto

GEOLOG 2000 Fuß/Hepp GbR
Contact: DI Christian Fuß

Gletscherbahnen Kaprun AG
Contact: Ing. Norbert Karlsböck, Ing. Günther Brennsteiner


Other Partners

Geologische Bundesanstalt
Contact: Mag. Robert Supper