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Project Information

AdaptInfra - Climate Change Triggered System Changes of the High Mountain Geosphere - Risk Assessment and Adaptation of Infrastructure

Settlement areas and infrastructure are increasingly affected by implications of climate change. These changes become apparent, amongst others, in high mountain areas e.g. by gravitational slope deformations (landslides).

The AdaptInfra research project applies a multidisciplinary approach in order to investigate and monitor such effects at selected investigation sites. These methods comprise terrestrial long-range laserscanning (TLS), close-range photogrammetry, geological/geotechnical field surveys, as well as age dating and chronology of selected landslides.

The overall aims of this project are the improvement and development of efficient remote measurement methods, workflows and software tools to assess geotechnical relevant slope characteristics and landslide deformation behaviour, even in inaccessible or hazard areas.

Based on these data, the process understanding concerning terrain characteristics and slope deformations under changing climatic conditions will be improved. The data and knowledge obtained will provide a sound basis for the landslide hazard and risk assessment of unstable and/or hardly accessible slopes, the improvement of decision-support systems and the planning of appropriate mitigation and adaptation measures.

Project Team


Partners AdaptInfra

Scientific Partners

Austrian Academy of Sciences
Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research (IGF)
Contact: Dr. Martin Rutzinger

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Institute of Applied Geology
Contact: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Zangerl


Company Partners

ILF Consulting Engineers Austria GmbH
Contact: Mag. Stefan Eder

TIWAG - Tiroler Wasserkraft AG
Contact: Dr. Sebastian Perzlmaier