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Project Information

CLIMA-MAP - Climate Change Impact Maps for Austrian Regions

Strategies for climate change adaptation exist on different levels, but only few activities have been implemented in Austria┬┤s municipalities. CLIMA-MAP aims at filling this gap by designing climate change impact maps (incl. communication of uncertainties). These maps support municipalities in understanding climate change impacts, in building capacities and in implementing adaptation measures. Co-developing the impact maps with the end-users ensures that information needs of municipalities are met.

Project objectives:
The overall aim of CLIMA-MAP is to support Austrian municipalities in understanding the impacts of climate change, in implementing this newly acquired knowledge into their decision-making processes and in taking action to successfully adapt to climate change.


Project Team


Partners CLIMA-MAP

Environment Agency Austria
Environmental Impact Assessment & Climate Change
Contact: Mag. Andrea Prutsch

EURAC Research
Institute for Applied Remote Sensing
Contact: Dr. Marc Zebisch

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Institute of Meteorology
Contact: Ass.-Prof. Dr. Herbert Formayer