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Project Information

RESPECT - Resposibility and Risk: Operationalizing comprehensive climate risk layering in Austria among multiple actors

Austria is exposed to flood and drought events, which often have serious social and economic consequences. Within the scope of natural hazards management and climate change adaptation, precautions are already taken for these climate-related risks. However, due to increasing damage potentials - due to socioeconomic development and climate change - it is necessary to shape the management of climate hazards in an even more effective and intensified form. The research project RESPECT, funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund, aims to provide scientific support to the required actors in natural hazards management and climate change adaptation.

The objective of RESPECT are:

  • To develop a risk-agency framework that supports the co-generation of a comprehensive and actionable climate-risk management approach.
  • To synthesize climate-risk information for Austria and use this in combination with a spatial and temporal risk assessment to identify current risk levels, possible future scenarios, as well as potential intervention measures linked to the risk-layering approach.
  • To operationalize the concept of climate-risk layering in a participatory environment at the local level, cooperatively identifying and allocating concrete roles and responsibilities.
  • To identify the Austrian government’s potential fiscal risk when it is implicitly or explicitly taking over certain layers of climate-related risk.
  • To bridge the gap between research and policy regarding comprehensive CRM, as well as aligning local and national level CRM needs and opportunities by integrating information across scales.

Project Team

Project Team RESPECT

Dr. Christin Haida

Mag. Stefan Ortner



Partners RESPECT

Environmental Agency Austria
Contact: Markus Leitner

IIASA - International Institute for Applied System Analyses
Contact: Thomas Schinko

Spatial Services GmbH
Contact: Peter Zeil

University of Graz - Wegener Center
Contact: Philipp Babcicky

University of Salzburg - Department of Geoinformatics Z_GIS
Contact: Stefan Kienberger