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Project Information

CSI-RM – Climate-sensitive Integrated Risk Management

During the last decade a continual convergence between „Risk Management“ and „Climate Change Adaptation“ can be observed. While the longer established „Risk Management“ focuses on the reduction of expositions, vulnerabilities and risks, the younger „Climate Change Adaptation“ aims at reducing negative climatic impacts and/or identifying beneficial climatic opportunities.

Although both fields share certain aims, different spatial and temporal perspectives, theoretical orientations, definitions as well ideas about central future challenges complicate a further synthesis.

CSI-RM focuses on this incongruence: On a theoretical level an overview of common features and differences between different approaches towards „Risk Management“ and „Climate Change Adaptation“ will be given. Based on this comparison an approach for „Climate-Sensitive Risk Management“ will be developed. Furthermore, a tool will be elaborated and tested in order to evaluate the feasibility of risk management procedures to meet the needs of a “Climate-Sensitive Risk Management”.

Project Team

Project Team CSI-RM

Ing. Mag. Paul Dobesberger (Risk and Desaster Management, Climate Change Adaptation)

Brigitte Eder, M.Sc. (Risk and Desaster Management, Climate Change Adaptation)

Dr. Angela Michiko Hama

Mag. Andreas Koler

Mag. Stefan Ortner (Project Management)


Partners CSI-RM

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna   
Institute of Mountain Risk Engineering
Contact: Priv.-Doz. Dr. Sven Fuchs

University of Innsbruck
Insitute of Geography
Contact: o.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johann Stötter