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Project Information

WaterFlows - An Insight into Waterfootprint and Global Interrelations of Water

The Project „WaterFlows - An Insight into Waterfootprint and Global Water connections“ builds a bridge between the concept of Waterfootprint and global waterflows and implements these topics in workshops with school classes. Pupils become researchers by calculating their own waterfootprint and by investigating the virtual-waterflow-connection between different countries.

Aim of the project is to raise the awareness for sustainable handling of the precious property water.

Pupils of six Tirolean schools are focussing on the following questions:
•    What is the Waterfootprint and how is it to be measured?
•    Where is the origin of the water that we use?
•    How is the water supply in developing and emerging countries?
•    How can we conserve water in school and at home?

A concluding excursion to the House of Water of the National Park Hohe Tauern will bring together all partners and pupils to complete the learned by practice.

WaterFlows-Blog please click here.

The project is succesfully completed. Here you can find the project report (only in german).

Project Team

Project Team WaterFlows

Mag. Christin Haida

MMag. Kathrin Schwab

Mag. Uschi Schwarzl

DI Barbara Strobl


Partners WaterFlows

BHAK/BHAS Wörgl   
Hans Henzinger Schule Kufstein   
HTL Imst  
Nationalpark Hohe Tauern – Haus des Wassers   
Neue Mittelschule Anton Auer  
Neue Mittelschule Längenfeld    
Posch & Partner   
Volksschule Rinn  


Funding Partners

The project WaterFlows is funded by the FFG under the funding priority "talents".

Teaching Materials

How much water do we use daily? How much water contains our food and our clothes? Is drinking water equally distributed across the globe?

Did you know that an average pair of jeans contains approximately 8.000l water and that this water, mainly needed for the production of cotton, is predominantly used in water scarce regions?

These questions and other topics were addressed in the project WaterFlows, and together with 8 school classes of different age, teaching materials were developed and tested.

In a modular design of two to four teaching units the students have the opportunity to engage with the following topics:

  • What is direct and virtual water?
  • Where is the origin of the virtual water we consume through our food and clothes?
  • What is a „water footprint“ and how can it be measured?
  • How can we improve our water footprint, e.g. reducing or making it more sustainable?
  • How are virtual water flows internationally interconnected?

The developed teaching materials are free to download here (only in german):

If you are interested and would like to find out more about the project or would like to cooperate with us, please contact info(at)alps-gmbh.com  or phone 0043 512 392929 0.