Kommunen vernetzen

Peer Learning zwischen Kommunen stärken und Anpassungskapazitäten erhöhen.
Period: 10/2019 - 10/2022
Partner: DIFU (Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik) , adelphi
Customer: Umweltbundesamt Deutschland

Klimawandelanpassung in der Gemeinde Rankweil, Vorarlberg

Die Gemeinde Rankweil wird klimafit.
Period: 10/2019 - 06/2020
Customer: Marktgemeinde Rankweil

Systematical comparison between observed and simulated hydro-meteorological data

Evaluation of a hydro-meteorological measurement system in the Austrian Alps.
Period: 09/2019 - 11/2019
Customer: Tiroler Wasserkraft AG

Science Education for Action and Engagement towards Sustainability (SEAS)

SEAS is an EU-project with the aim of creating new scientific forms of education and competences to face the challenges of sustainability.
Period: 09/2019 - 08/2022
Partner: cChange , EduQuality AB , Energy Discovery Centre , Flämisches Ministerium für Umwelt und Raumentwicklung , Fondazione Golinelli , The Association for Science Education (ASE) , University of Bologna , University of Ghent , Universität Innsbruck , University of Oslo , Uppsala University
Customer: European Union's Horizon 2020 research ans innovation program

Flood events in the Tyrolean uplands

Evaluation of observed flood events in the Inn River catchment
Period: 08/2019 - 10/2019
Customer: Tiroler Wasserkraft AG

Runoff study for determining flood flow frequency for the Kohlenbach catchment

Precipitation-runoff-modelling with two seperate models as well as a flood chronicle.
Period: 11/2018 - 04/2020
Customer: Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung, Abteilung Wasserwirtschaft

Risk-based assessment of drainage systems

Improving the method of dimensioning drainage systems for railway systems
Period: 07/2018 - 05/2020
Partner: ILF Consulting Engineers
Customer: ÖBB Infra

Pragmatic and standardized flood risk analysis

Pragmatic and standardized flood risk analysis in the scope of hazard mapping, development of a methodological handbook and a GIS analysis toolbox
Period: 07/2018 - 03/2020
Customer: Amt der Oberösterreichischen Landesregierung (Abteilung Wasserwirtschaft)

FFSA – Flood Frequency and Seasonality Analysis (contd)

Developing and expanding a statistical software tool for the analysis of runoff and water level data.
Period: 03/2018 - 11/2018
Customer: Tiroler Wasserkraft AG

FFSA Flood Frequency and Seasonality Analysis

Developing customized software solutions for the analysis of flood event probabilities and runoff seasonalities.
Period: 05/2015 - 01/2016
Customer: Tiroler Wasserkraft AG


Dynamic Adaptation of Urban Water Infrastructure for Sustainable City Development in an Alpine Environment
Period: 06/2012 - 05/2015
Partner: Universität Innsbruck (AB Umwelttechnik) , hydro & meteo GmbH & Co.KG , hydro-IT GmbH
Customer: ACRP: Klima- und Energiefonds

MUSICALS – Multiscale Snow/Icemelt Discharge Simulation for Alpine Reservoirs

Simulating and analyzing the changes in water avalability and runoff volumes in Tyrol
Period: 03/2010 - 03/2018
Partner: Tiroler Wasserkraft AG , TU Wien , Universität Innsbruck, Arbeitsbereich Wasserbau , Universität Innsbruck - Institut für Geographie

Runoff forecasting system for the Inn river

Developing a comprehensive prognosis tool for runoff levels and flood events of the Tyrolean Inn
Period: 02/2003 - 03/2018
Partner: TU Wien , Tiroler Wasserkraft AG , Universität Innsbruck, Arbeitsbereich Wasserbau
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