Dipl. Geogr. Paul Schattan PhD

Research & Consulting

Water Resources, Mountain Hydrology

Paul Schattan has several years of experience in the management of water resources and flood forecasting. He develops solutions for a wide variety of clients in the context of sustainable resource management, operational flood forecasting and assessment of the impacts of climate change on the water balance. Paul Schattan realizes projects on a local, regional and international level.


  • Senior Consultant area Water & Climate
  • Co-head alpS Research


What and where...

Projects (selection):

  • HoPI - flood forecast for the Tyrolean Inn
  • MUSICALS II - Simulation of melt water runoff from snow and ice in alpine reservoirs
  • Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment for the Lunyangwa Dam catchment (Malawi)
  • Runoff investigations for the catchment area of the Tuxbach
  • KlimTour V - Regional and Sectoral Impacts of Climate Change in the Province of Vorarlberg - Vulnerability and Risk Analysis
  • Water Supply and Sanitation in Cahul Rayon - Climate Change Risk Analyzes
  • Small and Medium Hydropower Climate Risk Assessment Southeast Europe, Turkey and Caucasus (including Morocco extension)

Publications (selection):

Schattan P, Baroni G, Oswald S, Schöber J, Fey C, Kormann C, Huttenlau M, Achleitner S (2017): Continuous monitoring of snowpack dynamics in alpine terrain by aboveground neutron sensing. In: Water Resources Research 53/5, 3615-3634.

Schattan P, Baroni G, Oswald S, Schöber J, Fey C, Francke T, Huttenlau M, Kirnbauer R, Achleitner S (2017): Combining an improved snow-model with above ground neutron sensing and remote sensing. In: E-proceedings of the 37th IAHR World Congress, August 13–18, 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Huttenlau M, Bellinger J, Schattan P, Förster K, Oesterle F, Schneider K, Achleitner S, Schöber J, Raffeiner G, Kirnbauer R (2016): Flood forecasting system for the Tyrolean Inn River (Austria): current state and further enhancements of a modular forecasting system for alpine catchments. In: Koboltschnig G (Ed.): 13th Congress INTERPRAEVENT 2016, 30 May to 2 June 2016, Lucerne, Switzerland - Conference Proceedings. Klagenfurt: Internationale Forschungsgesellschaft Interpraevent / International Research Society Interpraevent, 909-16.

Bellinger J, Schattan P, Förster K, Schöber J, Achleitner S, Huttenlau M, Schneider K, Kirnbauer R, Strasser U, Raffeiner G (2015): Hochwasserprognose für den Tiroler Inn (HoPI): Anwendung und Weiterentwicklung eines modularen Vorhersagesystems für alpine Einzugsgebiete. In: Evers M, Diekkrüger B: Aktuelle Herausforderungen im Flussgebiets- und Hochwassermanagement. Prozesse, Methoden, Konzepte. Beiträge zum Tag der Hydrologie am 19./20. März 2015 an der Universität Bonn. Hennef: Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall (DWA) (= Forum für Hydrologie und Wasserbewirtschaftung, 35.15), ISBN 978-3-88721-229-2, 373-381. 

Schöber J, Schneider K, Helfricht K, Schattan P, Achleitner S, Schöberl F, Kirnbauer R (2014): Snow cover characteristics in a glacierized catchment in the Tyrolean Alps - Improved spatially distributed modelling by usage of Lidar data. Journal of Hydrology 519, Part D, 3492-3510.

Schattan P, Zappa M, Lischke H, Luzi Thurig E, Diekkruger B (2013). An approach for transient consideration of forest change in hydrological impact studies. IAHS-AISH Proceedings and Reports, 359 (July), 311–319.

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