alps Research

alpS Research

carries out cross-disciplinary, application-oriented research and development in the areas of climate change, water and climate, as well as climate protection.

alpS Research investigates the risks and opportunities involved in climate change as well as studying issues related to sustainable development.

The alpS Research working group is based at the Department of Geography at the University of Innsbruck.

alpS Research emerged from and continues the 15-year research tradition and expertise of the former COMET Center of Excellence alpS—Center for Climate Change Adaptation.

Climate change and its consequences are highly dynamic and require both innovative basic research and applied cross-disciplinary research.

The effects of climate change are particularly noticeable and measurable in the highly vulnerable mountainous areas of the world, and become evident in phenomena such as changes in the frequency and intensity of natural hazards, changes in the hydrosphere (e.g., water availability, drought) and the cryosphere.

Climate change impacts often have a regional and local impact, which makes proactive action in communities and regions necessary and meaningful in order to sustainably secure our living and economic environment.

alpS Consulting and alpS Research work closely together in terms of content. Goal-directed scientific analysis provides the basis for excellent solution proposals.

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