alps Consulting

alpS Consulting

offers solutions for municipalities, states and companies in the areas of adaptation to climate change, water and climate, as well as climate protection.

alpS Consulting is an international engineering and consulting unit that provides services to companies, municipalities and states in their sustainable development and in dealing with the consequences, opportunities and risks of climate change.

As a successful long-term partner of our customers, we offer local, regional and international solutions.

The practical experience and knowledge of alpS Research form the basis for our products and services.

Climate Change Adaptation
The assessment of the consequences of climate change as well as the development of appropriate strategies and packages of measures are carried out by a team led by Dr. Daniela Hohenwallner-Ries. Regulatory bodies such as provincial governments and communities in Austria rely on the team's expertise and can rely on it to meet the challenges of the future.

Climate Protection
We offer consulting and customer-specific solutions in the field of energy and spatial planning and site development. Customers are shown how to optimize process, work and administrative processes and to fulfill economic, liability-law related and social requirements and obligations.

Water & Climate
Dipl. Ing. Klaus Schneeberger, PhD and his team focus on the challenges of climate change in relation to the water supply and water management. Scientific and practical expertise in the integration of risk management systems for critical infrastructures, run-off and risk analyses for flooding and water resources are valued highly by customers.

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