alpS Organization

Who we are...

alpS GmbH is owned by the University of Innsbruck, the two managing directors Daniela Hohenwallner-Ries and Klaus Schneeberger, and Johann Stötter.

Founded in December of 2002, the initial focus of alpS GmbH was in establishing, managing and acting as sponsor for competence centers (Kplus, COMET) as well as running projects within the framework of these competence centers.

At the same in parallel two additional business areas were developed for business acquisition and running scientific projects with third-party funding and performing services based on know-how gained in research projects.

Since April of 2018, after the funding for the COMET competence center ceased, alpS GmbH was split into legally separate units which, however, have many areas of focus in common:

alpS GmbH as a consulting company and

alpS Research working group as an independent research group which is located at the Department of Geography at the University of Innsbruck.

Qualitative consulting and innovative research continue to be combined as part of alpS.

Our customers benefit from our strict quality criteria applied by alpS GmbH while delivering consulting, planning and environmental services and an innovation advantage of university research and development.

Since October of 2007, alpS GmbH has been a management consultancy and since September of 2018 an engineering firm specialized in environmental engineering and water management.

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