The consequences of climate change require targeted adaptation measures for a wide range of sectors, such as agriculture, tourism, water management or transport. Risks must be minimized and opportunities seized at an early stage. Proactive action and strategic rethinking by decision makers is necessary.

We offer the following services for meeting these challenges:

  • We analyze and evaluate existing and future risks in your community, region, or company.
  • We collect data on relevant climate impacts.
  • We evaluate the vulnerability of your systems.
  • Together with you, we work out measures for adaptation to climate change.
  • We conduct climate risk and vulnerability assessments according to the EU taxonomy.
  • We moderate workshops and support strategy-finding processes.
  • We combine the latest scientific results with local expertise.
  • We convert scientific information into target group specific information.
  • We support transformation processes that promote sustainability.
  • We help you with education and awareness campaigns.
  • We monitor, document and evaluate processes.

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