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Dr. Daniela Hohenwallner-Ries

Expert for Climate Change and Sustainability

The impacts of climate change require targeted adaptation measures at all levels and for a wide range of sectors. Proactive action and strategic rethinking help to minimise risks, seize opportunities and create resilience.

To meet these challenges, we offer customised solutions for targeted adaptation to climate change:

Development of climate change adaptation strategies

Together with you, our team of experts analyses and assesses existing and future climate impacts and risks and defines the adaptation needs and capacities of your systems. Based on this, measures, implementation steps and solutions developed in a participatory manner enable optimal adaptation to the impacts of climate change.

Vulnerability analyses

Climate adaptation strategies

Site Analysis and Spatial Development

Carrying out climate risk and vulnerability assessments in accordance with the EU Taxonomy

The EU Taxonomy Regulation requires all providers of financial services and many other companies to disclose their climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. We support you in the science-based assessment of current and future climate risks and develop taxonomy-compliant climate adaptation measures in close cooperation with our clients.

Site Analysis and Spatial Development

Climate risk and vulnerability analyses based on the EU taxonomy

Awareness raising and communication of scientific results

By facilitating workshops and supporting strategy development processes, we ensure that your adaptation strategies are sound and effective. We translate complex scientific information into easy-to-understand and target-group-specific content so that you can make the best possible decisions. We also assist with education and awareness-raising campaigns to raise awareness of climate change and the need for adaptation action.

Communicating and explaining scientific results


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