Climate protection and sustainable development are a challenge for many communities, regions and businesses.

We offer the following services for meeting these challenges:

  • We initiate and monitor energy system optimization processes.
  • We collect, analyze, process, visualize and maintain spatial data.
  • We implement GIS and geodatabases.
  • We analyze and map energy-relevant spatial and urban structures.
  • We develop concepts for predictive energy-space planning.
  • We inventorize energy consumption and CO2 emissions. 
  • We implement the latest technical innovations, such as large-scale assessment of the potential of solar energy through the evaluation of laser scan data.
  • We facilitate participatory processes in the development of concrete measures.
  • We accompany the gradual implementation of solution approaches.
  • We support you in the ongoing monitoring and optimization of your databases, GIS applications and energy systems.

Please get in touch with us:

+43 512 392929-0