Estimation of hydrological parameters for the Kasbach, Tyrol

Estimation of hydrological parameters as a basis for the re-granting of water rights.

Estimation of hydrological parameters for the Kasbach, Tyrol

On behalf of Tiroler Wasserkraft AG (TIWAG), the hydrological situation of the catchment area of the Kasbach (Tyrol) is evaluated and presented on the basis of the currently available hydro-meteorological data. This is done in the context of the application for the re-granting of the water right for the water management use of the TIWAG small power plant "Kasbach".

In addition to the analysis of the available observation data, the water balance components of areal precipitation, evaporation and runoff are evaluated by means of a hydrological simulation using a coupled SES-HQsim model. In addition, an estimation of flood and low water characteristics is made based on the available database.

In the sense of a multi-level approach, the flood characteristics are compared with complementary data sets. These are: Results of the GRADEX procedure, flood statistics of regionally comparable catchments and available literature or earlier study results from the catchment.

07/2021 - 12/2022
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