Dipl. Geogr. Benjamin Winter PhD

Research & Consulting

Hydrology/Flood Risk Assessment

Benjamin Winter is a geographer specializing in hydrology. He gained around 4 years of professional experience in the areas of hydrology, GIS and natural hazards. In addition to ongoing project work, he is dedicated to his PhD thesis on "Coupling a weather generator with the hydrological modeling system for generating heterogeneous flood events".


  • Consultant area Water & Climate
  • Junior Researcher alpS Research

What and where...

Projects (selection):

  • HiFlow-CMA - High Resolution Flood Risk Assessment for Climate Change Adaptation with a Coupled Modeling Approach
  • InsuRe II - Insurance Risk Evaluation of Natural Hazards
  • Stochastic damage modeling using the example of the Ottnanger Redls (flood risk)
  • InsuRe - Flood risk analysis for insurance companies and adaptation measures
  • Flood damage analysis for Upper Austria

Publications (selection):

Winter B, Schneeberger K, Huttenlau M, Stötter J. (2017): Sources of uncertainty in a probabilistic flood risk model. Natural Hazards, DOI: 10.1007/s11069-017-3135-5.

Schneeberger K, Huttenlau M, Winter B, Steinberger T, Achleitner S, Stötter J. (2017): Conceptual framework for probabilistic risk assessment of widespread flooding in an Alpine region. Risk Analysis, DOI: 10.1111/risa.12863.

Achleitner S, Huttenlau M, Winter B, Plörer M, Hofer M. (2016): Temporal development of flood risk considering settlement dynamics and local flood protection measures on catchment scale – An Austrian case study. Journal of River Basin Management 14/3, 273-285.

Förster K, Hanzer F, Winter B, Marke T, Strasser U. (2016): An open-source MEteoroLOgical observation time series DISaggregation Tool (MELODIST v0.1.1). Geoscientific Model Development 9, 2315 - 2333

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