Flood Risk Analysis

Analysis and evaluation of flood risk serve as the basis for decisions on risk management and investment for companies, regulatory bodies and insurance companies.

Floods can have devastating consequences for individuals and businesses as well as for communities and entire regions. Innovative risk-based approaches are needed for targeted and accurate flood risk assessment, which in turn is a prerequisite for flood management. Modern analysis systems also take into account changes in risks and susceptibility associated with climate change and land use. On the basis of pilot studies we develop tools for flood risk management by regulatory bodies.

  • We use tools developed by us based on the latest scientific knowledge in real-world applications.
  • We analyze hydrological climate risks.
  • We offer our customers customized solutions.
  • We have a scientific reputation in the field of flood and climate risk analysis and ensure the direct transfer of scientific knowledge into practical measures.


DI Klaus Schneeberger PhD

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