Greenhouse gas balancing and strategy development

The basis for efficient climate protection by institutions of different types (e.g. companies, local authorities, universities) is a greenhouse gas balance. It quantifies the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the institution's activities. This makes emission sources visible and measures can be implemented where the most emissions can be saved.

Guidance for preparing a greenhouse gas inventory is provided by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standard for Measuring and Communicating Greenhouse Gases. It outlines the relevance, consistency, transparency, and accuracy of conducting a GHG inventory.

In a first step, the system boundaries of the accounting are defined with the customer, which is highly dependent on the type of institution. The resulting activities of the institution lead to information that is differentiated as follows

  • Scope 1 - direct emissions within the sphere of influence of the company, e.g. burning of energy sources such as natural gas, fuel
  • Scope 2 - indirect emissions from purchased energy, such as electricity, district heating
  • Scope 3 - other indirect emissions that are not controlled by the institution but are a consequence of its activities, such as waste disposal, upstream and downstream transportation services, employee mobility

While Scope 1 and 2 are mandatory according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Scope 3 emissions are documented voluntarily.

alpS supports you in the implementation of a greenhouse gas accounting in your institution and offers the following services:

  1. We work with you to define the system boundaries for recording emissions
  2. We evaluate the emissions, broken down by Scope 1- 3
  3. We establish an initial balance (CO2e baseline)
  4. We define measures to reduce emissions
  5. We develop a roadmap for successive reduction of your greenhouse gases
  6. We support you in empowering your employees to be an active part in achieving your goals
  7. We help you with education and awareness campaigns
  8. We accompany, document and evaluate processes

Accompanying universities on their way to climate neutrality and sustainability - German language (PDF, 831 KB)


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