Hanna Krimm MSc

Research & Consulting

Life Sciences, Biology and Mathematics

Hanna Krimm completed her studies in biology and mathematics with a state examination at the University of Ulm. Since 2016, she has been working on climate change adaptation in research projects and community and regional advisory programs. She highlights the consequences of climate change and develops strategies for adaptation to climate change in participatory processes with local actors.


  • Consultant area Climate Change Adaptation
  • Junior Researcher alpS Research

What and where...

Projects (selection):

  • Support of Tyrolean municipalities in times of climate change
  • SINFONIA - Smart INitiative of cities Fully cOmmitted to iNvest in Advanced large-scaled energy solutions; work package stakeholder involvement
  • CLIMA-MAP - climate impact maps for Austrian regions
  • Creation of a brochure on climate change adaptation in tourism for the Climate Change Center Austria
  • Preparation of fact sheets on the effects of climate change on different sectors and federal states in Austria
  • Vulnerability and risk analysis for the community Wolfurt
  • Preparation of the Salzburg adaptation strategy (part I and part II)

Publications (selection):

Kubisch S, Krimm H, Liebhaber N, Oberauer K, Deisenrieder V, Parth S, Frick M, Stötter J, Keller L (2022): Rethinking Quality Science Education for Climate Action: Transdisciplinary Education for Transformative Learning and Engagement. Frontiers in Education, section STEM Education. Volume 7, Article 838135, pp. 1-14.

Schrot O G, Krimm H, Schinko T (2020): Enabling Early Career Sustainability Researchers to Conduct Transdisciplinary Research: Insights from Austria. Challenges in Sustainability. VOl 8, Issue 1, 2020, pp. 30-42. Doi: 10.12924/cis2020.08010030.

Hohenwallner-Ries D, Schwab K, Huber T, Krimm H (2018): Der Österreichische Tourismus im Klimawandel – Betroffenheit, Handlungsempfehlungen und Best practice bei der Anpassung an den Klimawandel. Climate Change Centre Austria – Klimaforschungsnetzwerk, Graz.

Sperka G, Zeiner M, Hofmeister F, Waltl P, Hohenwallner-Ries D, Schwab K, Fricken D, Huber T, Krimm H (2017): Strategie zur Anpassung an den Klimawandel in Salzburg. Land Salzburg, Salzburg.

Drissner J, Krimm H, Hille, K (2017): Attitudes of School Children in Germany, Costa Rica and Ukraine Towards Invertebrates-A Comparison. International Journal of Modern Education Research. Vol. 4, No. 2, 2017, pp. 6-9. 

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