Climate change is becoming increasingly important in international cooperation. Multilateral development banks and international organizations are increasingly calling for climate change to be given more consideration in many different areas – we have the necessary expertise for this.

International climate financing is growing rapidly. The amounts spent on it are rising every year. As part of the Paris Agreement the international community has made an annual financial commitment of $US100 billion starting in 2020. Even traditional development cooperation is being planned and implemented more and more while taking climate change into account.

Last but not least, in calls for tenders multilateral development banks and other donor organizations are increasingly calling for specific domain knowledge about climate change and its consequences. Traditional actors in international cooperation who offer climate finance often lack such knowledge. In this context, additional expertise in relevant applied research is needed.

We can work on these issues in a scientifically informed and well-founded manner in the fields of hydrological modeling, climate impact/natural hazards risk analyses and prediction and forecasting systems. Our many years of experience in these areas provide significant added value for each consortium and make it possible for us to handle these pressing issues professionally and reliably.

An additional unique feature is the special expertise of alpS in relation to mountainous areas. The Alpine region serves as a model for other mountainous regions around the world. The replication of approaches proven in the Alps with regard to disaster protection management or climate change adaptation is being pursued by many governments and international organizations. Based on our many years of experience in the development and application of such approaches, we are a reliable and valuable partner for projects in these areas.

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